A year in the life of a CISV Dad

Our family got involved in CISV when my daughter Hanne was selected to go to Village in Lucknow, India in 2005. But 2011 was our busiest year yet. It’s not just the monthly run over to North Leeds for Junior Branch, I’ve seen more British airports than you can shake a stick at.

Hanne with friends at IYM in Hungary

Our busy year started on Boxing Day 2010 with an early morning drive to Manchester Airport so Hanne could catch a flight to Budapest for an International Youth Meeting over New Year. There were trips to Ripponden and Ilkley for training weekends and minicamps. In the summer, Hanne organised (and paid for) her own holiday with friends she had made in Budapest, flying to Lisbon (Manchester Airport again) to rendezvous with girls from Portugal, Slovenia and Sweden.

Another trip to Manchester Airport to collect her was followed two days later by a run to Gatwick as Hanne set off for Seminar in Sweden (see last newsletter). Having collected her three weeks later we headed for Ilkley to cook meals for a day at the Leeds Village. This was more enjoyable than expected and it was lovely to see the children getting stuck into the activities (and the food). We happened to be there on Rich and Poor day. Hanne’s mum, Sue, got more and more upset as the day went on and the downtrodden poor hadn’t revolted yet, but we restrained her from intervening and leading the revolution herself.

There were more trips to Ilkley and Bramhope in the autumn and then I rounded off the year with a bag pack at Morrisons in Wetherby on the Sunday before Christmas.

So has all this effort, mainly driving I have to say, put me off CISV? Frankly it has been a very small price to pay to see my daughter grow up as a self confident, non-judgemental and phenomenally well organised young woman. Put off? Dear reader, I joined the Committee!

Jeremy Morton


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