Open day at GB Village

Sunday 19th August was Open Day at the GB Village. Visitors were treated to performances by each delegation, joined in with some energisers, looked round the delegations stalls and witnessed “Flag time”.

The delegations from Luxembourg, Norway, Hong Kong, Germany, USA, Japan, Netherlands, France, Italy and of course a GB delegation from Leeds. They stated by singing “Wavin’ Flags” together and then we were treated to a range of folk dances, martial arts, modern dances and a fairy tale. There were also two sketches from the JCs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Moving outside we were encouraged to join in with two a call and response energisers and a new one created at the Village. After refreshments we witnessed “flag time”, which starts and ends each day at Village. The delegation of the day says “good morning” (or “goodnight”) to each country represented, who respond in their own language, which the whole camp then repeats. Everyone then sings the CISV song.


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