Are you ready for Project GB 2015?

Project GB are recruiting!

For those of you who don’t know, Project GB is a national project (so just for GB chapters) which aims to have an impact in a local community. Applications for both staff for Project GB projects in 2015 and positions on the committee are open!

Applications from EVERYONE, regardless of age or experience, are welcome. Being involved with Project GB is great for those of you applying for jobs/university/college – it looks good on application forms as you can speak about having a local impact in a community – and if you’re not quite there yet in terms of age, it’s also great fun and a way to meet nice people.

PGB Get Involved

Please click on these links in blue if you’re interested or email for more information:

Apply to be PGB Staff (deadline: 1st November 2014)
Apply to be on the PGB Committee (deadline: 15th October 2014)
(We will be releasing applications for BIG SIBS  to help out with y7/8 very shortly so keep your eye out)
Don’t forget to check out and like the Project GB Facebook Page.


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