Norway Summer Camp

The Summer Camp to Norway took place in Kristiansand, on the south coast. The name of the camp was ‘My Dog’s Raincoat’. The camp focused on the theme of sustainable development, and consumerism, looking at how some people live on the bare minimum, yet the more fortunate amongst us may have purchased raincoats for their pets.

Meet the delegation!

Gavin, Lorna, Josh and Ruth

And here’s Ruth’s report from the camp:

I attended “My Dog’s Raincoat” camp in Kristiansand, the theme was consumption.  We all surround ourselves with lots of things, all the time – we even live in a world where you can buy a raincoat for your dog, my Whippet even has one!   Others, however, cannot afford to buy a raincoat for themselves nor their children.

On arrival our delegation stayed with a really nice host family for 3 days.  The Mexican girl delegation came to visit us at the host family and we had a barbecue.  All delegations met another delegation prior to going to camp.

Camp was based in a primary school; it was so clean, new and well equipped, the situation was fantastic because it was next to the sea.
The other delegations present were Bulgaria, Colombia, Jordan, Indonesia, Mexico, Norway, Portugal and USA.

Summer camp was different to Village because there was no JC’s, we also planned our own activities and we could stay up much later on a night.
We went on excursions to a zoo and theme park, walked to the beach and had a boat journey into Kristiansand town centre.  For ‘Delegation of the Day’ we helped out with breakfast and hosted our camp activity, we based it around the Olympics.

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On Sunday 22nd July our camp, and the whole of Norway, paused to commemorate the 77 victims of the bomb and gun massacre that shattered the tranquillity of Norway the previous year. We all laid roses in the camp grounds.

Being the shortest in height and youngest delegate at camp I was referred to as ‘little sister’ everyone was so kind and friendly, right from the minute we met.  It was a truly wonderful experience and I made so many new friends.


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